Gippsland Home & Pest Inspections

Happiness In Your Gippsland Home

Happiness In Your Gippsland Home

Gippsland Home & Pest Inspections provides superior service for local home buyers

Before you move into your new Gippsland home, be sure to book your building inspections with Gippsland Home & Pest Inspections; our extensive knowledge of the local Gippsland area and the problems that tend to affect houses in same will head off any problems that may arise. We’ll provide you with an accurate building inspection, all within a short amount of time, and will help you to avoid any expensive repairs in the future. You don’t even need to be present, however, if you wish to be, we’re happy to go through every issue with you.

Why a housing inspection will save you a small fortune in Gippsland

If you’ve recently signed the dotted line on your Gippsland property, you need the type of housing inspection that will look deeper into your Gippsland home, from foundations right through to the top of the roof. A housing inspection will give you peace of mind that there is nothing amiss with your property, which otherwise would require costly repairs in the future. If we discover a major issue during your housing inspection, we are also able to offer you helpful advice on the repair costs or alternatives.

We take care of housing, and pest and termite inspections throughout Gippsland

Termite infestations require a specialist eye, which is why we also provide pest and termite inspections. Most people miss the subtle signs of termite infestation when they’ve just purchased a home, and it’s important that you spot these early in order to avoid large scale structural damage and repair costs. Without an initial pest and termite inspection, things can only worsen. When a pest and termite inspection takes place before you sign your contract, you protect yourself in case an irreversible infestation exists; when properly informed, you can make the decision whether to continue with the purchase of the property, or look elsewhere.

How do you know your home isn’t hiding something?

Building inspections are your home’s safety net. Pre-purchase building inspections cover all areas of your home including mould, structural integrity, pests, and asbestos; and Gippsland Home & Pests Inspections will also evaluate your surrounding areas to ensure that your property surroundings will not contribute to any future problems. A pre-purchase building inspection in Gippsland is the only way to have complete peace of mind that your home is in the best possible shape. After your honest and expert building inspection assessment, our inspectors will provide you with a detailed written report, including photographs, within 24 hours of completing the building inspection.

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Gippsland Home & Pest Inspections

For the ultimate in peace of mind

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