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Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre-purchace Home inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

The purchase of a new home is probably the largest investment that any person or family makes in their lives. Be sure you know what you are getting before you hand over your hard-earned deposit.

A Pre-Purchase Inspection is carried out by an independent inspector and comprises:


  • We inspect all fencing, driveways and paths as well as outbuildings to ensure they are in good condition.
  • We keep a look out for rising damp, checking for site drainage problems, particularly on paths and driveways, and for built-up gardens too close to the house.

Sub Floor Area

  • We inspect for any faulty electrical wiring or possible dampness and ensure all stumps and piers are structurally sound.
  • We check for vent blockages.

External Roofing

  • We check that the roof is correctly secured, that there is no rust present and identify any damaged or broken tiles.
  • We assess the guttering, downpipes, flashings, ridges and valleys as well as any chimney or flu structures to ensure they are connected, working and secure.

Building Exterior

  • We examine the walls to assure they are sound and show no signs of cracking, dampness or other deterioration and check balconies, verandahs, patios and decking for compliance with the relevant safety regulations, for rotting and for severe damp.
  • We include a full examination of the hot water service and document if safety switches are present.

Roof Cavity

  • We verify the integrity of the overall roof structure and check for signs of water leaks or damage to electrical wiring.
  • We even keep a look out for mice and rats!


  • Internal walls are checked for signs of movement, cracked plaster, dampness or any other general decay.
  • All doors, wooden floors and windows are checked for correct fit, general condition, dampness and decay.
  • We check for evidence of leaking water or damaged drains which could result in mould or possible deterioration from faulty waterproofing.
  • We identify any cracked or loose tiles and inspect grouting.
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