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Rental Property Evaluation

Rental Property Evaluation

Here at Gippsland Home & Pest Inspections., we provide many services including Rental Property Maintenance Report for long-term landlords.

Too often, many rentals have been left with maintenance or repairs after the tenants have left the premises. And too often, these repairs could have been largely avoided if an inspection or a check had been carried out. The last thing the homeowner wants is to get his property back after the rental period is over with an expensive bill to fix structural decay in the foundations and/or in the roof.

We understand that every landlord and tenant have busy lives, so we offer this service to you. Furthermore, we have 25 years experience in the building industry, so we are able to efficiently check your property in detail.

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We Are Reliable

We undertake inspections all over the Gippsland area and we can arrange either a morning or afternoon appointment, whichever fits best with your schedule. Sometimes our customers want to be present during our inspections and whilst this is okay as far as we are concerned, we do ask you not to interrupt the inspectors while they physically carry out the inspections.

We make all the appropriate arrangements with either the estate agent or vendor to get entrance to the property. We would remind you though, that in the most unlikely event that any of our inspectors cause on-site damage to the property during our inspection, they are all adequately and fully insured for both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Risks.

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